Common vietnamese foods

 Pho Vietnam

One of the most famous and favorite soups by the Vietnamese, is prepared on the basis of a strong spicy broth made from beef or chicken bones. Before the meal, add thinly sliced slices of beef or chicken meat to a large bowl of rice noodles, onto which hot broth is directly poured and served with lemon, herbs, mung sprouts and chili sauce, fruit vinegar with garlic

Nem ran

The general name of rice paper rolls with meat, seafood, vegetables, usually deep-fried; served with various sauces.

Goi cuon

It is a Vietnamese food from the top places on the list of 50 CNN's World's Most Delicious Dishes. Goy Kuon put rice paper on it and fill it with shrimp, meat, vegetables and tropical spices, then roll it into a cylindrical shape and immerse it in a sweet-sour sauce ... the result is a wonderful dish. Along with excellent taste, guests love rolls due to the refreshing taste of fresh vegetables, easy to eat, low fat and very competitive price.


As in most Asian cuisines, cereal products are the basis of Vietnamese nutrition. Rice is served as a side dish for many dishes. Rice flour is used to make noodles and rice paper, from which roulettes are made and dipped in sauce. Rice and wheat noodles are popular. Vietnamese often eat more than one noodle dish per day.


In Vietnam, dairy products are almost never consumed. This is compensated by often consuming beans, peas and lentils. Tofu (bean curd), which is made from soybeans, is used in many traditional dishes. Bean sprouts and young pea pods are one of the favorite snacks.

Peanuts are often ground into pasta and added to goulash, soups and noodle dishes. It is also crushed and sprinkled with crumbs on the finished dish. Aromatic oil is made from sesame seeds, which are sprayed with dishes before serving to give an additional taste.
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