About us

Would you like to eat fast, tasty, satisfying and not to be afraid to gain extra pounds, is it also profitable for money? ! If so, then you are very welcome to visit our Cafe!
We follow only the real traditions of Vietnam, adore the Vietnamese culture and proudly serve you only natural Vietnamese cuisine!
We have an excellent team of real professionals and, of course, people who love to cook no less than they are! All our employees have vast experience in the food industry! Our cooks from childhood lived in Vietnam and for them the Grandmothers of Mother prepared truly according to the tradition of Vietnam. In turn, they put their souls into every dish, cook with great love, as their mothers and grandmothers prepared for them. In this way, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the services we offer.
In our Cafe you will feel like in Vietnam and we are at home preparing for you. And yet, more importantly, you will understand why Vietnam, such a distant Asian country, can have a cuisine that is so easily perceived by Russians and Europeans!
There are 3 basic rules in our kitchen. We cook with love, with passion and only with high quality products. And the overall result of our services you will put a rating of five to five Fast! Useful! Yummy! Fun! Profitable!
We want you to feel the magic of combining products, sauces and spices in a truly incredible bouquet of taste. Our large menu offers a wide range of snacks, soups, main and side dishes, desserts and much more!
Our chef combines traditional Vietnamese cuisine with new technologies, creating a unique combination of Vietnamese dishes. People who experience our cuisine come back again and again for their favorites or find something new. Our dishes are real reproductions of the masterpiece of the art of Vietnamese cooking
Come with friends all the time, for a hearty breakfast, a friendly lunch or a cozy evening in the coveted company! We have prepared for you a comprehensive menu that will cheer you up, maintain your health and will be a great addition to your warm meetings!

117393, Russia, Moscow, Profosoiuznaya str., 56, Cheremushki shopping mall, 4rd floor.
+ 7 (495) 203-66-88

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